Welcome to GECS, LLC
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GECS, LLC will provide your business, club, function, family, corporation or self a website in a reasonable and professional way. We will bring you in slowly, if that is what you need. We will provide expert analysis of your situation, demographic and design ideas to assist you in the development of a truly original website you can be proud of. We believe that an easy to use, functional web design produces better than fancy over done sites that leave your intended audience aghast and bewildered. We work with web browser developers to stay abreast of the latest in compatibility for all major browsers.
Studies indicate that if your clientele, customers, investors, or surfers come to your website and do not find what they want within 30 seconds or if they find the site confusing, that they will leave and are likely to never return.
An easy to use, well organized site that communicates to its target audience is essential to a profitable and useful website, whether for advertising, lead generation or sales.
Fee Structure Disclosure
We will assist you in every way possible to make your experience in obtaining a web presence as painless and productive for you as possible. We will consult with you on the look and feel of your site that addresses your demographic and what you want to accomplish. We will work with you to produce a page you can be proud of that functions intuitively and produces confidence in your clientele. We will explain how color works to produce an emotional response from your visitors and how that can be used to your advantage.

We will get you started on the web for as little as $129.00. This includes your first year of Domain Name Registration, Hosting and 5 spam secure in-site email pages.
The above fee does not include the development of custom graphics or creation of your logo or corporate identity. One graphic supplied in digital format will be incorporated into your web page at no charge. Additional images or graphics or incorporation of existing designs are not included in the FIRST PAGE fee above. There are small fees for scanning graphic images in preparation for incorporation into your page. Each scan costs $5.00.
We must receive graphics digitized properly and in the correct resolutions so we can incorporate existing images that are supplied by you in digital format. There is no fee for placing properly formatted images (not exceeding four additional images/graphics) on the first page . If you provide us images or graphics and adjustments are necessary, then the $5.00 fee is applied. It is likely that any supplied image will be charged the $5.00 fee. We will be happy to give you the specifications to produce the images necessary for clear images on your web page, but you will likely pay someone else more than our charge to have it done. Many images will require multiple resolutions to display properly. Some images will be adjusted for form and fit. It is sometimes unavoidable. Once you have paid the fee, you are clear of that encumbrance, as we assume the responsibility for whatever resolutions or adjustments that are needed.
If you can not provide a scanned image of high enough resolution to produce a good web image or a high resolution hard copy, then you will be charged a negotiated fee for that graphics inclusion.
You will never be charged with out notification and you will always be informed in advance before we perform any operation that will incur and additional charge.
Custom graphic development or graphic duplication or recreation will incur a fee of $110.00 per hour. Be assured that we are generous in our assessment of time spent and again, you will be given a ceiling to any such development.
Corporate Identities are created and developed at the hourly rate of $110.00. We will provide you a cap prior to commencement. You will receive several possible candidates and we will continue to produce candidates until you feel we are on the right track. We will then begin the development/refinement process with your input until a final product is completed to your satisfaction.
Additional web pages will be developed for approximately $55.00 per page. Complex pages and forms require more time and all pages creation is done at the hourly rate of $110.00. We will always give you an estimate before we begin development.
Hosting packages come in many forms and we will discuss the available packages that provide the services needed for your purpose with you and assist you in choosing an appropriate package. Basic packages include one or two domain name registrations and hosting for the yearly fee. There are many other services and capabilities that vary from package to package. We will discuss all the options and capabilities with you.
Please give us a call and we will go over the details with you to the extent of your understanding and even explain advantages and disadvantages as well as the realities of getting people to come to your web site.
Maintenance fees average approximately $5.00 to $10.00 per page, per month. A five page site would likely be maintained for a $50 per month fee. We will quote you in advance. Newsletters and other forms of time consuming maintenance or production will incur higher fees proportionately. Fee structure is based on an hourly rate of $100.00 per hour. Maintenance includes operational checks, compatibility checks, email maintenance, minor changes or updates requested by you and a host of other services such as search engine submission etc.. Additional time spent for advertising or advanced search engine submission can be contracted at additional charge.
Please call us or email us for clear answers on any questions you may have. We would be honored to serve you.