Welcome to GECS, LLC
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Computers & Network Services
GECS, LLC provides custom built to order computers designed for your purpose in any quantity. We service the computing needs of small businesses, Home Offices, Gamers and personal users. GECS has been a Registered Microsoft OEM System Builder since 1996 when the program was introduced by Microsoft.  GECS doesn't just build computers. We will help you with your entire work environment to make sure your productions is maximized.  We take into consideration the ergonomics of the workspace, which includes the proper physical layout and comfort for those working. Ergonomics make sure that your workplace is not only productive, but as safe as possible and that it will be less likely to induce any form of injury.  We also take security very seriousely and will demonstrate proper practices for computer security.  We will train your personnel in the proper safe practices that will ensure your computers are working for you instead of someone else.  If you already have a security issue, give us a call and we'll make arrangements to correct the problem for you.

GECS provides networking for small business, home office and personal installations.  We provide the equipment, installation, set-up, implementation, training and maintenance. GECS is Certified by Artisoft Corporation as a Network Installer / Troubleshooter and will design and install your network to meet your needs.  We will demonstrate and instruct your employees on security practices to maintain a secure networking environment.