Welcome to GECS, LLC
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GECS, LLC has been in Colorado since 1993 and was originally formed in 1988. In our 20 plus years of doing business as Graphics Designers, Web Designers, Web Site Service Providers, Certified Networking Consultants and Custom OEM System Builders, we have learned a lot. There's a pretty good chance we can help you even if it means referring you to some other competent source that can service your needs.

Would you like to have your High Speed Internet Connection work like ours? (See Sidebar Below left) then give us a call for a tune-up. 

We also provide security clean-ups and can remove infections and malicious software that has invaded your computer.  If your computer is running inordinately slower than before or you are being taken to websites you didn't ask for, call immediately as these are signs of serious infections and could indicate the presence  of malevolent software that steals your identity and sends it to the perpetrator's servers to be sold on the open market.  You should stop using your computer for any secure operations (like banking and purchases) and arrange to have the system checked and repaired without delay.

GECS guarantees all work. If a service isn't completed properly, you don't pay.

Please take note of our service areas as listed below and click on the page you think will serve you best.
We look forward to serving you. Thank you for visiting our website.